Calling all Naysayers and Prospective Geeks

After spending half my life pooh-poohing anything remotely religious or spiritual, I’ve turned into a real spiritual geek. I regularly use phrases like “raise my vibration” and “set an intention.” I’ve been known to meditate for hours on end and to clear spaces by waving crystals with grand sweeps of the arms. What happened? Kidnapping? Brainwashing? Too much Long Island Medium?

Excellent questions all, but, alas, I leave them for another day. The answers would fill another whole website or more. . . . ; )

What matters is that I have taken this turn for the spiritual. In fact it has become my greatest passion. Looking through a spiritual lens, I now see ordinary circumstances I never would have even noticed before as the wise, loving, delightful communications from Spirit that they are. I see that thoughts do create matter and that matter may be transformed by the direction of thought.  I see the journey of our souls going on right beneath the surface of our everyday lives.  I’ve dived down a very cool rabbit hole and landed on a magical new wavelength of existence. What a game changer!

I offer these words to you in case you are looking to be kidnapped and deposited onto some mysterious new spiritual shore. I highly recommend it, and I would love to support you in doing so.


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